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Befriend a total stranger

December 19, 2013

The day after Pasiklaban 2013, an annual event of the University of the Philippines Baguio. I was about to an 8-hour bus ride to Pasay by myself with a couple of clothes and some books that I plan to read over the Christmas vacation. It was about 12:30 in the afternoon, I think, when I rode the bus. Shortly after taking my seat, a girl sat next to me. She was shorter than I was, and she was really pretty. Well, I won’t go into details but she was my type.

The bus left the terminal at 12:40, and I didn’t know if I should talk to her or not. I decided not to because she immediately put on her earphones.

While I was busy thinking of how I would talk to her, this foreigner who sat beside her started talking to her. And he just talked to her. I was amazed on how fast their conversation went on to be a casual one, and all the guy did was brag (well, for me it was considered bragging). I think I was actually jealous of guy was able to do that. So then I decided that I would also talk to the girl beside me.

I didn’t talk to her immediately though. I waited for the bus’s first stop over at a place called Sison. When the guy left I jokingly said to girl “Uy, tropa na kayo nun Kano ah.” (Hey, you and that American are close friends already). She smiled. She explained to me that Americans are really outgoing and they don’t really hold back when talking to other people. We talked for a while until the bus started to get back on the road. 

I was stuck. I didn’t know what to talk to her about next. It was dead air. Then without thinking about it, I asked her “Miss, san ba magandang makipag-date sa Baguio?” (Miss, where would the ideal places for a date be in Baguio). She looked at me. Then she smiled. I was never going to get enough of that smile. She answered my question and she started asking questions of her own. Our conversation went on and on, topic after topic, sharing a few laughs, sharing a bit of our personal lives, showing pictures of places we’ve been. It felt like we can talk about everything. It was the first time I have talked to a girl for a really long time and not get bored. (We talked  for about four hours

Sadly though, she had to get off the bus sooner than me. She was visiting her boyfriend. And when it was her time to get off, we said our farewells.

Her name was Christma. 24 years old. Born December 23, 1990. Graduated with a degree in Nursing from the University of Baguio. And she was one of the most wonderful people that i have met so far.

A new crush


Note to self: If I ever become rich…

buy heat sensitive tiles and put them in the shower.

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